Information for Students

How to Get Hands-on Research Experience:

For our school-based research projects, we look for a team of 5 research assistants who are reliable, conscientious, professional, and have their own transportation. Students can assist with our projects by registering for a course called Research Internship (PSY 197). PSY 197 is a pass/fail course and is variable-credit, which means that students can register for 1, 2, or 3 credits, depending on the amount of time they have to devote to the project:

  • a 1-credit research internship involves 3 hours per week;
  • a 2- credit research internship involves 6 hours per week; and
  • a 3-credit research internship involves 9 hours per week.

What Students Will Learn and Do:

  • Administer individualized, standardized reading and pre-reading assessments to children in schools
  • Score standardized tests
  • Enter data
  • Administer one-on-one reading interventions
  • Occasional library research  and development of stimulus materials
  • Advanced students seeking a challenge may analyze data and prepare posters for presentation as lead authors

Students are Expected to:

  • Attend regularly scheduled lab meetings on campus (one per week)
  • Keep a regular schedule of hours at the school (agreed upon by the instructor and student)
  • Be on time for hours at the school
  • Act in a professional manner with students and school staff
  • Provide their own transportation to and from the school sites

How to Apply and Register for Research Internship

While there aren’t formal prerequisites for Research Internship, we give preference to students who:

  • are interested in seeking a career working with children and/or in schools (e.g., school psychology, school counseling, speech and language pathology, social work)
  • have taken PSY 393 (Experimental Methods)
  • are taking or have taken PSY 431 (Tests and Measurements)
  • demonstrate motivation and initiative

If students have not taken a class with one of us, they will be asked to submit a recommendation form (provided by us) from a professor and have an informal interview.